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Blended Badges: Digital + In Person Experiences

High-quality online content is a critical part of the picture in providing opportunities for ALL youth, especially those historically left out. Powerful digital playlists coupled with in-person experiences that simulate work based-learning support students in building a rich portfolio of skills for college and career. Learn from experts and youth on what makes content engaging, meaningful and relevant; then get ready to show what you know by building a playlist of your own!

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  1. Understand the components and desired outcomes of a playlist approach to learning.
  2. Gain an understanding of why the combination of digital content and in-person experiences is key to powerful learning.
  3. Develop knowledge and resources needed to design meaningful playlists.


  • Girlie Delacruz, Senior Research Associate, LRNG
  • Devin Young, Co-Founder & President, Classcraft
  • Rebecca Wolfe, Associate Vice President, Jobs for the Future
  • David Mabry, Youth Ambassador, LRNG


Girlie Delacruz, Senior Research Associate, LRNG

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