SXSW 2019

Surviving the Current Tsunami: Kids on Social


While much has been said about social media platforms’ roles in policing news, hate speech, and politics, very little attention is spent on bullying, social media addiction and the long-term impacts of social media on children. With the launch of social media apps targetting at children and popular apps that allow kids to hide other apps, messages and photos from their parents, there’s ample reason to be concerned. Who bears responsibility? Are the offered safeguards enough? Might social media itself be the vehicle that accelerates a positive change? Done correctly, will social media be the great equalizer that can ultimately create a safe space online for both adults and children?

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  1. A snapshot of social media’s true impact on today’s youth
  2. Turning responsibility and blame into action
  3. Solutions for creating safe environments and positive change



Chloe Phillips, Director of Marketing, The Social Element

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