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Now what? The Back to the Future Campfire Trilogy

When we come back for SXSWedu 2020, what change will we have instituted as a result of this year's event? How will we have an inclusive conversation that yields concrete action toward re-designing the student learning experience? Many of the ideas for the future have their roots in the past, which led us to ponder Back to the Future. In this campfire, we want to look at ways to change the present so that we can alter the future and create conditions for students to become inspired learners.

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  1. Brainstorm concrete actions to bring more people into conversations about what learning could be.
  2. Discuss ways to empower adults and students to take the first step towards creating meaningful learning environments.
  3. Commit to sharing stories about our learning and expanding the conversations about what learning could look like for all students.



Beth Holland, Educator, Researcher, & Writer, Yellow Hats League

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