Will Tracking Edu Outcomes Kill the 4-Year Degree?


A convergence of issues in education has created a system where the reporting and tracking of outcomes are critical. Beyond simply not knowing what the future of work will look like, education institutions have the pressure to prepare the next generation of workers and must be accountable for their results.
This panel will examine the obstacles in transitioning to outcome-based education, including data privacy, integrating with the private sector and state govts, and the benefits for students.

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  1. You will understand the importance of tracking outcomes for the next generation of students.
  2. You will learn about how outcome-based education will better prepare your students for success.
  3. You will learn about new ways to integrate with existing data sources to improve your efforts towards outcome-based education.


  • Michael Simpson, Co-founder and CEO, PAIRIN
  • Matt Gee, CEO, Bright Hive
  • Luke Jankovic, Executive Vice President of Higher Education, EMSI
  • Susie Vaks DePianto, Senior Manager, Engineering, Google


Hannah Hunter, Data and Research Manager, PAIRIN

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