SXSW 2019

Building a Culture of Innovation at Bose


In 2018, Bose, Fjord and Accenture partnered to stand up an internal, innovation startup called “The Hive” focused on transforming the way Bose works and rapidly shipping new customer experiences that no consumer audio company has ever delivered before. This is no small feat for an engineering company that has typically moved slowly through product cycles, but Bose is well aware that challenging conventions is critical to staying relevant and differentiated. Come hear Bose’s story of re-invention and learn about how to apply new ways of working that are authentic and sustainable.

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  1. How do you set up a startup within an organization that can break through legacy conventions and create bold new ways of working at scale?
  2. How do you learn, prototype and iterate in new ways to re-invigorate the identity of an iconic brand?
  3. What are the new customer experience models that Bose is developing that the consumer audio space has never seen before?


  • Dhruva Ganesan, Business Design Director, Fjord


Dhruva Ganesan, Business Design Director, Fjord

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