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Draw to Teach...Use Visuals to Be More Effective

You know that drawing when you’re teaching has many benefits for students. Drawing increases student engagement and helps kids SEE what you mean. When you draw, you set an example for your students to use drawing as an extension of their own thinking. Yet, “I can’t draw” is what you hear in your head. This is the workshop for teachers who believe in the power of visuals but may not be confident in their own drawing abilities to draw when teaching.

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  1. How to use your visual mind to be a more effective teacher
  2. How to draw - gain simple skills on using drawing as a thinking and communication process
  3. Gain a visual toolset to support your teaching practice


  • Dan Roam, Co-founder, VizLit
  • Kawai Lai, Co-Founder, VizLit
  • Lisa Solomon, Co-Founder, VizLit


Dan Roam, Co-founder, VizLit

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