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How Students Created the Open Education Movement

Open Educational Resources (OER) have gone from an aspirational idea to a concrete reality now used by nearly 1 in 10 professors across the country. What most people don't realize is that students played a key role in creating the OER movement and continue to drive it today. This panel brings together current and former student OER advocates to discuss where the movement has been, where it is going, and how higher education can put students first.

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  1. Learn the basics of what Open Educational Resources are and how they differ from other free and digital course materials.
  2. Learn how any institution can take small steps toward OER that can make a huge impact for students.
  3. Learn how educators can curate, tailor, and share OER to perfectly suit their curriculum, and share their innovations freely.


  • Nicole Allen, Director of Open Education, SPARC
  • Mo Nyamweya, Open Education Coordinator, SPARC
  • Brady Yano, Open Education Research Assistant, SPARC


Mo Nyamweya, Open Education Coordinator, SPARC

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