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SXSW 2019

Is it Time to Turn Your Brand Into a Platform?

More and more players are pushing their business towards digital platforms. In fact, content providers like Netflix, Amazon and Spotify have long understood the power of digital platforms. They started with a platform as a foundation to achieve brand growth and scale quickly. Now also advertising holding companies are adhering to this trend. It looks like the future state of brands and advertising will be a platform. What are the advantages and what are some of the precautions companies need to take? This panel will discuss how brands should consider to adjust their consumer experience, products, services and communications, as they are moving towards a platform-centric business model.

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  1. Consumers remain at the core, while digital platforms allow for efficiencies and enhancements of the user experience.
  2. A digital platform should be the enabler of brand experiences, as it connects all digital touchpoints (consumer-facing and internal ones).
  3. Building out a tech stack is only the first step - equally important is to adjust their entire business model to support the new brand strategy.



Marie Berry, CEO and Co-Founder, Creative OS

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Brands & Marketing
  • Level: Intermediate
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