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Engineering Makes Equity - and We DON’T MEAN Jobs

An unlikely discipline - engineering - can help solve the equity problem. This is not another panel about 21st century jobs. It’s about how engineering teaches the exact skill set that’s needed to solve sensitive challenges: collaboration, problem solving, understanding and creativity. The Museum of Science of Boston, which has taught more than 15 million K-12 students the basics of engineering, will put this theory to the test with those who’ve studied equity on the ground.

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  1. Show how problem-solving skills and collaboration in engineering can be a guidebook for working through social tension and inspire inclusion
  2. Discuss research and real-life experience that show how engineering helps underrepresented students -- and not just with jobs
  3. Engage experts in social disparity who can discuss the current situation in classrooms, and whether engineering could be an aid



Jacob Berkman, Founder, One Allen Communications

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