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The Holy Grail of 2019: Social Media ROI


Since the early days of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and all of the rest, the marketing world has been asking the same burning question literally year after year: how do we measure ROI for social? The first stab was a simple measure of comments, likes and shares. Next was content engagement rates, sentiment analysis and campaign performance. However, without a comprehensive social media evaluation method, brand marketers are almost certainly dumping good money after bad. As social media marketing quickly went from a “nice-to-have” to de rigueur, the marketing playbook needed to not only include social media strategy and tactics, but finally a robust ROI measurement vehicle as well.

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  1. What should marketers be measuring to determine a successful social strategy?
  2. How to define social media ROI – ensuring that marketer’s costs, time and effort are finally being optimized?
  3. What should marketers do in order to create a comprehensive social media evaluation method?



Kelly Yee, Marketing Manager, The Social Element

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