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To Save Tech, #ListentoBlackWomen


The disinformation, hacking, harassment, recruiting to extremist causes that we saw online during the 2016 elections highlight patterns Black women have long called attention to. So do the algorithmic biases of search algorithms, facial recognition software, and ad targeting; and the woefully inadequate responses of big tech companies including their tendency to look to AI as a magic tech solution. Listening to Black women is a path for the tech industry to get beyond its history of aiding hate, racists, sexists, nativists, and anti-LGBTQ+ bigots, and move in the direction of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion within the industry.

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  1. Why is "Listen to Black women" good advice?
  2. How to do a better job at listening to Black women?
  3. How can the tech industry move in the direction of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion?



Jonathan Pincus, Tech DIVA, A Change Is Coming

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