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Coding Bootcamps: How Far Can They Go?

The coding bootcamp space has experienced dramatic growth over the past 5 years. What can we say about their long-term potential, especially given this recent consolidation phase? Where do they best fit in the education-to-workforce journey? Are they disruptive to traditional higher education? Can they truly diversify our tech workforce at scale? Our panelists, which include founders of coding bootcamps and experts on the coding bootcamp space, will help us answer these questions.

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  1. To see past the hype and understand the potential of coding bootcamps based on their business models.
  2. To recognize the forces that led to the rise of bootcamps, and why traditional universities did not anticipate their arrival.
  3. To learn the "boots on the ground" perspective, learning the challenges that face bootcamps and their aspirations.



Richard Price, Research Associate, Christensen Institute

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