SXSW 2019

How The Flash Explains the Multiverse Theory


From Rick and Morty to Stranger Things, multiverse theory is a cornerstone of today’s nerdiest pop culture media. But what is the multiverse? This panel aims to unpack this far-out field of theoretical physics by exploring the superhero who popularized the idea: DC’s The Flash.

Multiverse pre-dates The Flash, but it was a 1961 DC comic book "Flash of Two Worlds" that helped popularize the theory and explain it in plain terms. A panel of superhero experts and theoretical physicists will help explore and explain the concept behind some of our favorite shows and movies and attempt to answer the question of whether the multiverse could actually be real.

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  1. What is the multiverse theory? This panel mixes theoretical physics by exploring how The Flash engages with them in the comics.
  2. How did the multiverse theory become such a popular device in sci-fi? A panel of superhero experts and theoretical physicists unpack its history.
  3. How realistic are these depictions to the actual science? Whether the multiverse could actually be real is explored in an approachable style.



Eric Francisco, Staff Writer, Inverse

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