SXSW 2019

Prioritizing Play in an Automated Age


In an increasingly automated, structured, technologically-driven world, it’s getting harder to break out of your own box. When the algorithm of life takes over, it can lead to a homogenized life - absent of spontaneity, inspiration, creativity and adventure. Join John Cohn, Chief Agitator for IBM’s Watson IoT Group and IEEE Fellow as he unlocks the gateway to creativity, innovation and invention. Learn how serious play has taken John from the workbench to the corporate board room, to eating rats on reality TV! See how experimentation, failure, challenge, adventure and fun have deeply influenced his life and career as a pioneering engineer. Learn how prioritizing play will unlock your creative, innovative potential in life and business!

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  1. In an era where we are increasingly busy, overstimulated, connected, pressured and stressed, why is play an absolute priority, rather than a luxury?
  2. How do play, experimentation and improvisation not only relieve stress but correlate with increased creative output and innovation?
  3. How has play maintained a critical role in John's pioneering work with IBM’s Watson IoT group and leading edge innovation in electronics, IOT and AI?



Leigh Durst, Founder & CEO // Consultant, Live Path // IEEE

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