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Content is a Dirty Word: Rebranding Creatives


Lyft and Uber aren’t the only stars in the gig economy these days: Fading traditional media companies struggling to compete for the currency of attention are always on the hunt for stories. The vague word "content" is a flat, boring word that doesn't convey the amount of work, hours and expertise required for creatives to successfully create and distribute stories across formats for their personal brands as creative entrepreneurs -- which we all are -- or for organizations who are in desperate need of our skills, resources and expertise. This session is for storytellers and other creatives with a wide array of skills as an assessment of the current media landscape with tips and resources for meeting the need for multimedia stories while also making enough money to support ourselves.

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  1. Language can determine how much money you leave on the table. Freelancers are viewed as cheap labor. Entrepreneurs are viewed as experts.
  2. Creative entrepreneurs should aim to complicate the mental model of brand stories as critical to landing and retaining clients.
  3. Working in exchange for exposure, or for "free" is only OK if it's something that will grow your presence and brand to your satisfaction.



Joshunda Sanders, Writer , Joshunda Sanders

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