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SXSW 2019

How Big Data is Transforming the Music Industry

The music industry has experienced a once-in-a-lifetime shift from physical distribution (CDs, etc.) to digital distribution (streaming), which has created a world of new possibilities for independent artists. Independent artists are now able to distribute their music globally without the support of labels, which allows independent artists to keep more of their own royalties. The problem facing independent artists is how to take their careers to the next level. How do artists promote their music on a large scale without label support? How do artists monetize their music so they can actually make money? The answer is Big Data. Big Data, when utilized properly is the key for connecting with industry decision makers, industry opportunities and the ability to make more money.

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  1. How do independent artists use Big Data to make more money?
  2. How do independent artists use Big Data to connect with industry decision makers who can help take their careers to the next level?
  3. How do independent artists use Big Data to access industry opportunities that help advance their careers?



John Kohl, CEO, TuneGO

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