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What is a Fractional Executive (CTO, CMO, CFO)?


Growing a company is stage specific. You just raised $10MM from Sequoia, you’re 3 co-founders, and you want to go hire the VP of Engineering from Uber. WRONG! You need to get to Uber’s growth rate first before your a fit for someone that's currently flying a plane of that size and speed. It’s painful, slow and expensive to hire/fire exec staff as you get through the various stages. Paint the rocket booster stage process: that's the way big companies are built. Fractional executives can help you get there.

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  1. When growing a company, it will go through various stages.
  2. Each Stage requires a different skills set in leadership.
  3. A fractional executive is a way to navigate through the various stages in a more efficient way than hiring (then firing) full time leaders.



Bobby Mukherjee, CEO, Loka

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