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Playing with Fire: Ethics and Literacy in VR & AR

VR and AR will transform learning and raise profound challenges for educators. We will face difficult questions of heightened emotional sensitivity, privacy, and accessibility. What new media skills will students need to critically analyze virtual environments? As we create empathic experiences, how do we ensure that our immersive environments are ethical, inclusive, and accessible? What new skills will faculty, designers, librarians and educational leaders need to address these issues?

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  1. Examine the challenges raised by VR and AR in developing ethical, inclusive, and accessible immersive learning environments.
  2. Explore new models of interpretation to engage students in immersive media, where illusion is as powerful as reality.
  3. Identify new skills that we will need to help guide students to a deeper understanding of virtual experiences.



Emory Craig, Director of eLearning and Innovation, College of New Rochelle

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