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Black is Black : Trans & Queer Folks Are Black Too

BlackTransTv uses visual storytelling to ensure that all Black experiences are properly represented. We create space to engage, inform, enlighten and unite difference within the Black community. Laverne Cox, Janet Mock and POSE, have sparked public interest in the lived experiences of Black trans communities. The consequence of this visibility renders the trans experience as monolithic and can often lead to trans murders. We'll explore the full spectrum of trans experiences in today's society.

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  1. All Black Lives Matter. Black transgender, queer and non-binary experiences are Black experiences.
  2. It's essential to properly represent trans people in media. Trans talent and actors should be cast for trans roles in media.
  3. There isn't one way to be transgender. There is an entire spectrum of trans identities and no two trans people share the same experience.



Sir Knight, Revolutionary, Public Speaker & Creator, Black Trans Tv

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