SXSW 2019

The Rigors of Scientific Filmmaking in Antarctica


With bitter cold, rough seas and howling winds, making scientific documentaries in Antarctica is no simple task. This panel of filmmakers, producers and photographers will talk about what it takes to capture one-of-a-kind wonders – from life under the sea ice to penguins and dinosaur fossils — in one of the most unforgiving, inhospitable places on Earth. Antarctica in particular provides a unique opportunity to show how science and filmmaking can be an inspiring and collaborative process fueled by raw curiosity. Get a truly special glimpse of one of the farthest reaches of the globe with new footage and clips from upcoming IMAX films.

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  1. Filmmakers must think outside the box to take into account the environmental and location challenges of filming in Antarctica.
  2. Extreme filmmaking provides unique educational value that cannot be achieved through any other means.
  3. Showcasing the scientific work that happens in Antarctica is critical for raising public awareness of environmental change in this region.



Holly Brown, Public Affairs Specialist, National Science Foundation

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