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How Engineering Helps Students in Every Subject

Engineering is not just a pathway to 21st-century jobs. Studying the subject builds confidence and character, lets students practice resilient responses to failure, and inspires a passion for learning. Children who learn the Engineering Design Process at an early age learn to use those skills across subject areas from ELA to social studies to math. This hands-on panel will look deeper into how and why this happens. The panel will livestream into a classroom working on an engineering project.

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  1. Elucidate the engineering habits of mind that translate into all subject areas. i.e. productive failure, collaboration & resilience.
  2. Give attendees a simple engineering project and observe students to show firsthand the habits of mind that engineering instills.
  3. Educators and experts in the field will discuss their experiences working with students and give tips to colleagues.



Celia Alicata, Founder, BrighterGood

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