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Making Open Educational Resources Work for You

Open educational resources have gained momentum across K-12 and higher education by providing flexible materials that educators can adapt for learner needs, but have been largely underutilized in adult learning. The panel will share insights from the U.S. Department of Education’s Power in Numbers initiative, which worked with 33 educators to pilot OER in adult education. Project experts like Dr. Jo Boaler will discuss how OER can transform outcomes and what educators need to know to use OER.

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  1. Provide a baseline introduction to OER for adult educators, and show how these resources can improve learning outcomes.
  2. Discuss the potential for OER to serve the unique needs and learning styles of adult learners, with an emphasis on resource contextualization.
  3. Introduce a framework for identifying and evaluating effective OER, and integrating them into curriculum.



Christina Ward, Strategist, Luminary Labs

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