SXSW 2019

Cultivating Conditions For Inclusion


Many organizations view diversity challenges as a numbers game… just a matter of hiring and retaining enough talent to balance the equation. This radically oversimplified approach to a complex challenge doesn’t work. There are surprisingly straightforward solutions that every organization should adopt to create the conditions for inclusiveness and diversity. This panel will discuss several heuristics and simple rules that are both actionable and effective in cultivating an environment that retains diverse talent. Considerations include: transparent qualifications for career progression, increase employee mobility, recognize and reward measurable contributions to diversity health, and highlight hiring gaps with simple questions like, “What are the diversity metrics for incoming candidates?”

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  1. There are surprisingly straightforward solutions that every organization should adopt to cultivate the right conditions for inclusiveness & diversity
  2. Compelling stories and experiences from panelists that will help you reflect on and conceive new ways improve D & I in your own environment
  3. Personal transformation and adoption of diversity morals is not a prerequisite for organizational change


  • Daniel Walsh, Founder, nuCognitive
  • Ash Coleman, Engineering Manager and Diversity Consultant, Credit Karma
  • Renee Miller, Associate Director of Social Media & Content Strategy, reneeebony
  • Douglas Ferguson, Founder and President, Voltage Control


Daniel Walsh, Founder, nuCognitive

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