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Going the Distance: Goal Setting Success for Kids

Marathon Kids' evidence-based program shows kids they can achieve more than they ever thought possible. Students set distance goals and pursue them, walking or running, 1 mile at a time. Last year, 96,289 Marathon Kids in 46 states ran 10,482,637 miles. An average of 94% of students ran the distance of one marathon, 85% completed two, 76% completed three, and 66% completed four marathons, because they set the intention to do so. Goal setting helps kids succeed in health, in school, and in life.

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  1. Goal setting increases positive attitude and achievement, creates a sense of purpose, drives motivation, and helps kids achieve better results faster.
  2. Setting personal goals in a group setting inspires accountability, peer-to-peer encouragement, and celebration of individual milestones.
  3. Active kids learn better. Just one physically active lesson creates a 21% decrease in a teacher's time managing behavior.



Heidi Gollub, Director of Marketing, Marathon Kids

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