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Bridging Divides Through Verbatim Performance

Through careful study and replication of an individual’s speech and gestural patterns, verbatim performance can cultivate empathy and disrupt assumptions and biases across a spectrum of political, cultural, and social experiences. This embodied exploration of difference--“breathing as another person”--utilizes arts-based research as a way to better understand our troubling times. Original media artifacts and curricula using these techniques and inspired by recent events will be presented.

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  1. Participants will experience inquiry-based, verbatim performance techniques that can be used in artistic, educational, and community settings.
  2. Participants will gain an understanding of the curricular possibilities for verbatim performance across various disciplines of study.
  3. Participants will notice how rapid consumption of visual and aural information through mediated experiences can influence our individual perspectives.



Joe Salvatore, Clinical Associate Professor of Educational Theatre, New York University-Steinhardt School

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