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Empowering Teens to Research & Fight Injustice!

How do we teach teenagers that you don't need to be 18 to create change in our world? Often, even the best-intentioned teachers unintentionally disempower students during social justice action research projects, whether by providing too much project scaffolding or too little. Hear directly from teenage scholar activists who are leaders in the Boston area, and learn about best practices for supporting young people as researchers & change-makers in their own communities!

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  1. Learn about the history of youth leadership in activism--from the 1960s Civil Rights movement to the 2018 March for Our Lives
  2. Summarize common pitfalls when teachers attempt to empower teenagers through social justice action research projects
  3. Walk away with resources and best practices for empowering high school students as social justice activists and researchers



Henry Seton, Humanities Department Chair / 10th Grade English, Community Charter School of Cambridge

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