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SXSW 2019

Old Men Yell at (the) Cloud: Congress and Tech

This year’s Facebook hearings made clear how powerful new technologies are, and how important it is for our elected officials to have an understanding of their basic mechanics.

The public was outraged at Facebook for not protecting their personal data, but members on both side of the aisle didn’t seem up to the task of questioning Mark Zuckerberg. Unfortunately, data privacy seems to be only the latest technical topic that Congress has struggled with.

So, while Congress considers future steps to take on technical issues, Congress should reinstate its own think tank of engineers that used to advise them on emerging technology: The Office of Technology Assessment.

Join us to discuss this plan and others ways to address Congress’ technical gap.

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  1. An understanding of why Congress seems to struggle with understanding emerging technologies.
  2. What Congress can do to empower itself to understand and better regulate technology.
  3. What technologies will Congress be looking in to in the near future.



Yuri Beckelman, Deputy Chief of Staff, US Congress

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