Better Blended Learning with Data Interoperability


Data interoperability standards and solutions are critical for helping schools connect the dots between the tools and platforms learners use to progress along personalized pathways. By empowering teachers and students to access and make sense of learning data, schools are taking blended approaches to the next level. In this session, we will discuss strategies and share case studies that demonstrate how data interoperability is advancing personalized learning for stakeholders at all levels.

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  1. Participants will see and hear specific examples used to improve personalized learning through data interoperability solutions.
  2. Participants will learn what data interoperability means at the classroom, school, & district level and how it impacts technology selection decisions.
  3. Participants will deconstruct the case studies with panelists to collaboratively develop strategies for implementation in their own contexts.



Margaret Roth, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Yet Analytics

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