SXSW 2019

Immersion at Scale: AR/MR Will Change Everything


Augmented Reality is making its mark on the world, with commercial deployments across gaming, entertainment, media, and retail. The computer interface is going immersive, with phone-based AR and stand-alone headsets leading the charge. As the appetite for immersive content and applications exponentially increases, this paves the way for Mixed Reality (MR)-- wearables and headsets that combine the real world with digital data-- to become the next ubiquitous computing medium. Following the Magic Leap and Hololens experiences, what does the future of an AR/MR wearable society look like, and what are its uses for brands and consumers? We’ll lay out the differences of AR and MR, and where they’re headed tomorrow, with a specific focus on the future of retail.

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  1. How should brands delineate between AR and MR experiences when it comes to marketing and retail engagement?
  2. Will consumer adoption of AR via mass scale experiences on handsets drive B2B interest (similar to the dynamics of smartphone adoption 2007-2017)?
  3. Will business use of augmented reality make consumers familiar with tech and thus embrace its use in the home and buy new hardware for personal use?



Kevin O'Malley, President, TechTalk / Studio

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