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Are Questions More Important Than Answers?

Our answer first culture has created passive learners who are relying on Google instead of vetting information and asking tough questions. A great question is borne from curiosity, which is influenced by our environment. Studies show that middle-class children ask more “How & Why” questions than lower income children. By influencing student motivation and scaling curiosity-based learning in large lectures and nontraditional classrooms we can bridge “The Curiosity Divide”.

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  1. Apply strategies to scale curiosity-based learning in large lectures and nontraditional classrooms.
  2. Evaluate the impact of today’s “Curiosity Divide”.
  3. Understand the importance of analyzing information and asking thought-provoking questions.



Jess Gervais, Content Marketing Strategist , Packback

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  • Tags: edtech, curriculum design
  • Event: SXSW EDU
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Emerging Tech
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  • Level: Field Experience
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