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Revolutionizing Edtech with Interoperability

Project Unicorn, Digital Promise, and Cajon Valley USD will discuss how districts can dig deeper to develop a digital ecosystem with interoperability and discuss pain points identified by districts including privacy, security, policy compliance, and rostering. Technology will never replace great teaching. Rather, it can help educators to inform instruction, save time, and improve student outcomes. Learn how to optimize your data and mobilize your movement in the digital space.

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  1. Understand the toolkit for building district interoperability and creating a digital ecosystem with resources including the rubric and more.
  2. Discover solutions to specific pain points, including rostering, login management, maintaining privacy and security, and policy compliance.
  3. Understand the insights a district can unlock when they have an interoperable ecosystem that fosters blended and personalized learning.



Julia Michaelis, Project Associate, InnovateEDU

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