What's Driving K-12 Innovation?


Experts from educational technology will explore the mega-trends reshaping K-12 education. The panel will highlight findings from forthcoming research reports touching on three areas: The "accelerators" that are driving change, including those that are not immediately obvious; the "hurdles" that make participants slow down, evaluate and practice before leaping into innovation; and the "tech enablers" or the tools that support smoother leaps and can lead to expansive changes in global education.

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  1. Gain fresh perspectives on how to address the challenges of digital equity, the pedagogy-vs.-technology gap, and scaling and sustaining innovation.
  2. Get an exclusive preview of new research findings highlighting the mega-trends and “accelerators” impacting the use of technology in education.
  3. Receive advanced insight into innovative “tech enablers” — the digital tools that can help schools overcome “hurdles” and leverage the “accelerators.”



Wyatt Kash, Senior Vice President, Scoop News Group

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