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Onboarding Teachers for Innovation With Innovation

Many schools have developed innovative models, incorporating blended/personalized learning, to better support student needs. As with any shift, engaging and developing educators is key to success! Consequently, schools are grappling with how to effectively onboard and support teachers who enter with various experience and understanding. Come tackle this challenge with the TLA Innovation Directors Network as they share tangible resources and concrete ways to strategically onboard your educators!

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  1. Participants will understand the unique challenges in onboarding teachers onto next generation, innovative models
  2. Participants will learn about tangible ways school districts/CMOs are onboarding teachers into their innovative personalized/blended learning models
  3. Participants will reflect on their models and develop onboarding plans for teachers using resources from the panelists



Jin-Soo Huh, Executive Director of Academic Innovation, Distinctive Schools

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