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Putting Educators at the Heart of a Business Model

Edmentum’s “Educator First” philosophy represents their collaboration with educators to ensure that their programs are meeting their needs, which in turn creates a culture that attracts passionate and talented employees. Edmentum CEO Jamie Candee and COO Ryan Hagedorn will discuss how Educator First transitioned from a customer service mentality to a company-wide philosophy and how businesses in the education space can have a positive impact on their constituents while meeting business goals.

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  1. Insights into the success of Edmentum’s “Educator First” business mentality
  2. How to maintain profitability while making a positive impact in the education space
  3. How your company can further align its business goals and mission statement with the needs of your constituents


  • Jamie Candee, Chief Executive Officer, Edmentum
  • Ryan Hagedorn, Chief Operating Officer, Edmentum


Ashlee Tatum-Eckley, Director, Marketing, Edmentum

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