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Let's Get Real (and Honest) About D&I Solutions!


Everyone knows there’s a problem but there are few strategies that are helping companies, large and small, move in the right direction. Diversity & Inclusion isn’t just a recruiting & hiring issue. It is something that should be dealt with, managed, and integrated into everything that we do including onboarding, leadership, and team management.

When was the last time your team evaluated whether or not your policies were outdated, lacked innovation, or were just knock-offs of what other companies are doing?

Do you even know what inclusion means and what it could look like in your organization?

Is your D&I business function overwhelming made up of minorities, mostly African American, with hardly a white male in sight?

It's time to radically transform your business.

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  1. How to assess if your own diversity and inclusion initiatives are missing diverse stakeholders.
  2. How to assess if your diversity and inclusion initiatives are stuck in the Industrial Age.
  3. Learn what diversity and inclusion strategies will move the needle in your organization.



Bianca Jackson, Principal Consultant, 1981

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