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Making Virtual Reality for Tomorrow’s Classrooms

How can we as educators use VR to foster interdisciplinary learning and new media literacies? As creators how can we ensure our content is relevant to a wide range of educational disciplines? This workshop is targeted to both content creators and educators. We will cover the production of VR projects across journalism, dance, theatre and ecology and offer practical advice on setting up a basic studio, scripting, sound design, and using VR as a teaching and research method.

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  1. We plan to inspire educators to integrate VR production into high school and university classrooms.
  2. We plan to share our own methods of using VR as an inter-disciplinary research tool related to STEM and STEAM opportunities.
  3. We will offer practical advice about setting up a studio, scripting, editing, and getting beyond the "wow factor" in VR creation.



Elizabeth Miller, Professor, Concordia University

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