SXSW 2019

How Women are Rebuilding a Man-Made Internet


Women make up the majority of active social media users. What many don’t consider is that these platforms were made by men, causing all major online spaces to cater to the male user. These platforms are typically public, subjecting women to bullying, trolling and harassment––83% of young women report this as a problem in their lives.
As a result, women are combatting a sexist internet by moving behind “closed doors” and building new platforms away from the public crowd. They’re participating in closed discussion groups tailored for them, finstas (fake instagrams), and 1:1/group private messaging. This panel will discuss the emergence of female-focused platforms and how spaces that prioritize women’s needs (safety, authenticity, and empathy) will disrupt the Internet entirely.

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  1. What exactly defines a masculine or feminine Internet, and why it is important to acknowledge the Internet as currently gendered.
  2. Why empathy is crucial to the future of the Internet and how it will affect society (men AND women) at large.
  3. What individual steps a user can take to change their online experience so that gender isn’t a negative factor.


  • Greta Mcanany, Founder and COO, Blue Fever
  • Alexandra Williamson, Chief Brand Officer, Bumble
  • Andrea Barrica, Founder/CEO, O School
  • Catherine Connors, Co-founder and CCO, Maverick


Greta Mcanany, Founder and COO, Blue Fever

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