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Accelerating the STEM Workforce

Developing STEM talent is an economic imperative that touches every sector and requires partnership and collaboration across industry, K-12, Higher Education, and Non-profits. This session will illuminate the current STEM landscape and the critical gaps that impede full STEM workforce realization. Including an interactive learning activity, attendees will gain hands-on experience in eliminating barriers to opportunity within STEM workforce development.

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  1. Participants will better understand the organizations and systems involved in STEM talent, and where they fit in that ecosystem.
  2. Participants will understand that there is no single STEM talent gap but rather five.
  3. Participants will learn hear about solutions that require both individual and cross-sector action to close those gaps.


  • Erin White, Senior Director, Product Development & Research, STEMconnector
  • Erin White, Senior Director, Product Development & Research, STEMconnector


Alexa Gitler, Manager, Communications, STEMconnector

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