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Who Would Win: Battle Plan for Children's Literacy

The battle for literacy is fought every day in US classrooms, yet just 35% of students read proficiently by 3rd grade. What more can we do to transform students into readers and learners, in time to preserve their futures? Join renowned children's author Jerry Pallotta ("Who Would Win?" series) and Book Trust CEO Tiffany Kuehner for a campfire on "who wins" in the battle for children's literacy. Learn how to deploy three key battle plans that will boost their success and change their lives.

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  1. Who Would Win: Access to books VS interest-based book choice? The power of student-driven choice delivers added value above and beyond mere access.
  2. Who Would Win: Assigned reading VS reading celebration? Build agency and identity as readers through peer2peer discussion and celebration of reading.
  3. Who Would Win: Learning at school VS family engagement? Easy ways for kids to bring the classroom culture of literacy home, and for parents to engage.



Anne Tengler, Vice President of Marketing, Book Trust

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