SXSW 2019

The Myths and Science of Biohacking


The term “biohacking” may bring to mind extreme activities like starving yourself or augmenting your body, but it also means experiments in “lifestyle medicine”—tweaking our diet, exercise, sleep, and stress. What really works for healthy longevity? We are all experimenters with our health, in our own "N of 1" clinical trials. Unfortunately, we often need to make choices about our health while lacking strong scientific backing or a personalized approach. Researchers are clarifying the best practices, but far too slowly—especially for patients facing disease. Hear from some of the world's leading researchers, in dialogue with an actual patient and clinical trial participant. We will explore what works, what’s myth, and how emerging science and technology can help us tell the difference.

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  1. Some of today’s biohacks will become tomorrow’s “standard of care.” Some will be exposed as myths. Inspired research can help us tell the difference.
  2. There is a strong and consistent scientific basis for biohacking with lifestyle medicine. The question is: how can we best make positive habits stick?
  3. Health choices can’t just be personal—they need to be personalized. Data, whether from medical tests or personal trackers, can lead to better choices.



Brian Duggan, Founder, Citizen Science for Health

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