Achieving the Big Blur: Lessons from Colorado


In Colorado, for every unemployed person, there are two available jobs. To help address these talent shortages, Colorado’s leadership, state agencies, and state-based advocates have pledged to ensure that every high school student graduates with credentials that hold labor market value and puts them on a path to economic advancement. This panel discussion will bring together education and workforce leaders to share insights from their experiences working to transform Colorado’s education and workforce systems and support the empowerment of young people in the state.

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  1. Understand why states are moving to erase the arbitrary boundaries between high school, college, and careers.
  2. Explore the systems and structures implemented by Colorado’s education and workforce leaders to improve education and career outcomes.
  3. Learn key elements and best practices for transforming education and workforce systems to improve postsecondary attainment and talent challenges.



Ashley Parker, Senior Associate, Whiteboard Advisors

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