Skills-First Practices: The Catalyst for Inclusive Mobility


In the past three years, we've seen increased energy among employers who recognize the value of focusing talent practices on skills as the key currency and signal for career opportunity and mobility. According to a report by the World Economic Forum, by 2025, over 40% of employers expect to prioritize skills over degrees when making hiring decisions. This session will discuss how business leaders can support their employees, through skills-first practices, in achieving their career and economic goals, while also creating a more resilient, dynamic, creative, diverse, and inclusive workforce.

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  1. Identify the benefits of a "skills-first" approach to talent practices and understand the challenges associated with making the transition.
  2. Learn strategies for navigating the organizational change that is necessary to implement a "skills-first" approach to talent management.
  3. Identify the role(s) stakeholders across the learn-to-work ecosystem can play to support employers as they transition to a skills-first approach.


  • Ryan Hanson, Senior Director, Enterprise Learning, Best Buy
  • Julie Flowers, Head of Global Talent Aquisition, Chevron
  • Lydia Logan, Vice President, Global Education and Workforce Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, IBM
  • Cat Ward, Vice President, Employer Mobilization, Jobs for the Future


Cat Ward, Vice President, Employer Mobilization, Jobs for the Future

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