SXSW 2024

How Conscious Creativity Gets You Out of a Hot Mess


Who signed that shit off? Much has been said about the tone-deaf campaigns in recent times, from Buds’ Dilly Dilly to Pepsi’s Kylie Jenner ad. But we can't all be Banksy or Lady Gaga and speak from the heart. Or can we?
In this fireside chat, we'll explore why and how things slip through the net and how the good stuff happens. We’ll unpack the passion, energy and love that makes brands, businesses and people tick and create generational change with conscious creativity at its core.
After all, having heart, soul, and common sense in your work is something that AI can't do, yet.

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  1. Conscious creativity is not something that we have or don't have. It is a state of being that we can cultivate through practice.
  2. Conscious creativity is about using your knowledge and understanding of the world to create something new and original.
  3. A Stanford report shows that individuals engaging in creative expression mindfully were more adept at conveying complex ideas and emotions to others



Anna Murdoch, Group Account Director, BrandFuel

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