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The Art of Justice: Using Art to Drive Advocacy and Policy


Without bold policy action, the employment and economic prospects for people with records will remain bleak, and they’ll be particularly limited for many Black and Latinx people, who are disproportionately arrested and convicted as a result of racism in the legal system and must also contend with the racial discrimination that remains constant in the labor market. Through art, we can activate an advocacy movement that increases the collective impact of various stakeholders. Join us for a conversation about the role we can all play in Normalizing Opportunity for people with records.

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  1. Perception of what it means to be a person living in the US with a conviction record directly impacts policy and perpetuates a system of punishment.
  2. Art captures our attention in ways that policy language can’t and creates inroads for meaningful narrative change.
  3. The Normalizing Opportunity advocacy campaign and the policy framework it’s named for aim to create ways for everyone to work toward change.



Brandi A Mandato, Senior Director, Jobs for the Future

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