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How AI Will Help Reduce Creator Burnout and Expand the Role


One of the most challenging parts about being a creator is the constant pressure to remain on an endless treadmill of content creation. This never-ending demand to keep pace with social platforms’ algorithms is leading to an epidemic — creator burnout. Generative AI tools are a promising solution to help solve this problem in meaningful ways. AI is helping creators increase productivity, maximize follower growth, and reduce the barrier to entry for content creation, allowing creators to quickly and easily create high-quality, engaging content.

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Ahad spoke about this topic at VidCon and it was a packed house - it was an extremely popular topic.


  1. Understand specifically how creators are using AI tools to quickly and easily create high-quality content and streamline their business processes
  2. Learn about specific AI tools creators are using for all areas of their business and the impact they're having on time savings and their mental health
  3. Hear about the dangers of AI and in which ways AI tools should be used more cautiously as a creator



Sarah Gooding, Director of Strategic Communications, Kajabi

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