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AdLand’s Class Ceiling: Why Class Anxiety is a Global Issue


Class, we’re told, is a UK problem, one epitomised by private schools and Downton Abbey. But what if class isn’t just about how you take your tea? What if class, and the enduring inequality it facilitates, is just as powerful, just as divisive, and just as destructive all over the world? What if it’s an inequality devil wearing many masks? Proud class warrior Dan Cullen-Shute, renowned academic Daniel Laurison, and Common People founder, Lisa Thompson examine how class influences global politics, capitalism, diversity and more, and how it might just be holding us all back.

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  1. An academic understanding of the class system in the UK, and how it impacts an individual's opportunity for success including new research
  2. A view from experts about how class exists at a global level outside of the UK, even if it goes by different names.
  3. Guidance on how to make changes at a brand and business level to ensure class isn't an invisible barrier to your company, and its success.



Kelly Taylor, Head Of New Business And Marketing, Creature London

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