SXSW 2024

Purpose Is Dead - Time For Advertising To Save The World


At SXSW 2022, Dan Cullen-Shute railed against advertising’s obsession with purpose, its stubborn refusal to award work people actually like, and its steadfast denial of any connection with capitalism. In 2023, he’s singing a slightly different tune: with Child Poverty Action Group CEO, Alison Garnham and CEO of CALM, Simon Gunning, he’ll explore the times when advertising gets it right. How a combination of smart thinking, creative excellence and an ability to galvanise people around a problem can really make a difference. Together, they’ll argue that maybe advertising *can* save the world.

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  1. How when advertising stops worrying about how it can make businesses sound better and focuses on making a real world difference, amazing things happen
  2. How smart creative thinking can do more than make great ads - it can genuinely save lives, and change the world.
  3. How an inherently selfish and competitive industry can come together to change the world when the thinking and ideas are powerful enough.



Dan Cullen-Shute, Worldwide Ceo & Founder, Creature

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