SXSW 2024

Advertising’s Guilty Secret: Why We’re ACTUALLY Scared of AI


Since AI smashed into the mainstream 18 months ago, advertising has been up-in-arms. While some herald AI as a democratiser of creativity, adland sees creative oblivion: something that’ll replace executional excitement with a sea of beige. But what if executional excitement is already rarer than a white rhino and some ad-jobs deserve to be lost to AI? Is AI truly the destroyer of creativity as we know it, or is it the kick up the arse the ad industry has needed for years? Industry-sceptic Dan Cullen-Shute and a very special AI-sceptic guest go head-to-head to decide.

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  1. An understanding of how AI is being used by the advertising industry across the globe and best practice examples.
  2. Knowledge of the current risks and fears facing the advertising industry by adopting AI as part of its ways of working.
  3. Inspiration about how to implement AI in a way that will benefit your brand, business and creativity.


  • Dan Cullen-Shute, Worldwide CEO and Founder, Creature


Kelly Taylor, Head Of New Business And Marketing, Creature London

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