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Behind the scenes of the Oscar Charleston baseball docudrama


Behind the scenes of the the making and marketing of a documentary about Oscar Charleston, regarded among baseball experts as the best player in Negro Leagues history. During his prime in the 1920's, he became a legend in Cuba and one of Black America’s most popular figures. Yet even among serious sports fans (despite being a Baseball Hall of Famer), Oscar Charleston is virtually unknown today. You will hear about the unique role the director, writer, producer and brand marketer played in educating a new generation about this crucially important part of the American experience.

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  1. Mini-history of the Negro Leagues, especially those lesser-known years prior to the generation that ended up integrating into professional baseball.
  2. The creative process employed in researching the book, translating it to the screen, financing the production and finding authentic brand partners.
  3. The impact that the life and legend of baseball's greatest forgotten player has had on the evolution of the sport and society as a whole.



Jon Goynshor, Head of Global Partnerships, VMLY&R Commerce

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