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How to Save the World: Fix Masculinity


For years, masculinity and the state of men has been viewed as a negative, which has only fuelled and exacerbated the problem. This has created a culture that breeds angry or detached behaviors in men. Even when data shows that men are ready to evolve, the media continues to make them feel worse about themselves. It’s time for a new narrative: stop the blame and show their new, aspirational role in society. The future is not solely female; the future can be equal, only if we relax the cultural pressures of masculinity. Otherwise, the incipient regression towards inequality will only spiral.

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  1. Understand the perception gap between how men feel about themselves and how the media portrays them. How is this affecting men and their world?
  2. Acquire the tools to inspire by creating content that paves the way towards sustainable gender balance.
  3. Learn about and Integrate the concept of "sustainable masculinity".


  • Fernando Desouches, Managing Director New Macho, BBD Perfect Storm
  • Rachel Lowenstein, Global Head of Inclusive Innovation, Mindshare


Fernando Desouches, Managing Director New Macho, BBD Perfect Storm

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